Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Morning Flight

Morning Flight: 11 X 19 This collage panel is just a backdrop to show off my beaded butterflies. I have use many elements like hand painted fabrics, yarns, angelina fibers, and a lot of free motion stitching using metallic and varigated threads for dimension. Ribbons are incorporated to dramatize the implied directional motion. The colorful blue green background spotlights the orange and yellow elements. I used polymer clay to make the sun figure, suggesting morning. Lots of sparkle in this one. Click on image for closer look. You can purchase this through The Polish Pottery Shoppe 100.00 plus shipping.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Kansas Beauty

Kansas Beauty: 26 X 26 I started out with a center piece of hand dyed fabric for this wall hanging. I was a newby at making art quits and a newby at quilting also. I decided to paint a sunflower on the center block and then, made some dimensional leaves for interest. From there it just grew with colorful borders, embellished with a little sunflower trim. For many years I just hid this away in my closet because I felt like I was out of my element. Then, suddenly I uncovered this and saw it's charm. Now I love this and will put it up for exhibit. #mixedmedia This can be purchased through The Polish Pottery Shoppe 100.00 See more of my work on www.facebook.com/judyfergu/ plus shipping.

Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk: 22 X 24. This is an abstract concept concerning some random musings about the life of an African Elephant. It shows the element of time and movement. We know that elephants need to have water to keep them happy and healthy. So, my elephant may leave one area at sunset and then be at a favorite water hole by sunrise. He congregates with the herd and since he is such a large animal can cover a lot of ground in his journeys. He sees a lot of changes in terrain in his travels. This piece is quite textural. Click on image to get closer view. #mixedmedia This can be purchased through The Polish Pottery Shoppe 150.00 plus shipping. See other works on www.facebook.com/judyfergu/

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Santa and His Helpers

Santa and His Helpers: 18 X 20. We can brighten our holiday with this little reminder of Santa and the gang putting up the Christmas tree, after a long day working at the North Pole. The background is put together in the Bohemian Tapestry style, using many fabrics left over from other projects. For Santa and his friends, I looked at a lot of Christmas clip art and picked out a few of the most interesting images. I made patterns from my drawings and fused the fabric choices onto a stabilizer. I have used several layers of free motion stitching on this and finished with a last go round of metallic thread. Sheer sparkle material is used to represent icy patches on the rocks. Click on image to take a closer look at the sheer fabric sparkles. This wall hanging can be purchased through the Polish Pottery Shoppe. This can be seen on OFF THE WALL FRIDAYS

Monday, September 19, 2016

Jack's Place II

Jack's Place II: 18 X 32 Bohemian Tapestry. Another in my series of seasonal wall hangings. Jack has a lot of fun sitting in this field with his special friends. The straw man is a good prop for the ravens to land on and he can keep the scene interesting with his wonky hat and red shirt. He is not doing a good job keeping the crows away, but then, one raven in particular loves the conversation. The season would not be complete without the addition of the black cat. The cat seems to be staring at us with a warning to keep our distance. I used raw edge fabric cuts to create texture and free motion stitching to unify the whole piece. This is for sale through The Polish Pottery Shoppe

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

God Bless America

God Bless America: 15 X 15 Mixed Media Fiber Art. Preparing this wall hanging to hang in an upcoming patriotic exhibit, my mind was going back to my childhood again. Growing up in post world war two, the 40's put a great emphasis on American symbols. Newsreels, war movies, books and magazines were all about the greatness of America and our victory over those who would destroy us or our allies. I can almost hear the song "God Bless America" sung by Kate Smith. Most families had sons who came home from the war and we were a thankful nation. So, this is my tribute to those times and the greatest generation. You can purchase this through The Polish Pottery Shoppe. This can be seen on Off The Wall Fridays

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Polish Peasant

Polish Peasant: 12  X 15. Growing up in an Eastern European immigrant neighborhood on the east side of St. Louis, gave me an interesting perspective into how important tradition and ties to your ancestry are to those who left their home and came to a new land. My grandparents became part of a melting pot of immigrants from the Balkan countries. They knew many languages and recipes that were part of the everyday life of this community. I have memories of going to the meeting places where traditional music, foods and dancing took place. I have watched the ladies dancing with their colorful skirts and hand embroidered blouses and vests. The music was always lively and their were many hoops and hollers as they went through the different dances. I have tried to portray a little of this feeling in my fiber art wall hanging. Notice the floral wreath upon her head. She is dressed in festival attire and I can almost hear the polka playing while she prepares to find a partner. This can be purchased at The Polish Pottery Shoppe SOLD