Friday, September 28, 2012

Oriental Garden

Oriental Garden: 24 X 30 Fiber Art on Canvas. One of the problems that face fiber artists is how to make a good presentation of our art. Quilt shows and some galleries do a good job of using the hanging sleeve sewn to the back of the piece. But more often than not, they are not prepared for the problems. Most exhibits that I am a part of, are for painters. The canvas is either framed with a wire on the back or on gallery wrapped canvas bars with a wire on the back. So, this has been such a challenge for me. I tried various hanging devices, but it came to me, that there is no rules against mounting my fiber art onto gallery wrapped canvas. Most canvas is not going to be the exact size of my fiber art. So, I decided to use the bigger canvas as a design element to enhance the presentation. Since I am also a painter, I decided to take one of the elements that appear in my fiber art and paint it as an added design. Now, I have a much larger presentation and have solved my hanging problems. I think this was a good solution and plan to do the same to all of my work. I can always take it off the canvas for quilt shows when needed. Click on image for larger view. Oriental Garden won Best Of Show at the Waverly House Gallery exhibit "Be Vibrant."