Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Force

The Force: Abstract Design: Color Study. I have not done a lot of abstract, non objective work with my fiber art. However, it is a subject that has always been interesting to me. It is not popular with most people, but continues to be popular with artists. When I first saw the work of Melody Johnson, I was drawn in by her incredible use of high intensity color. Using these colors as an accent is widely used by artists to provide a focal point; but using this level of color as your total pallet is not common. Non objective (no object identified) is all about  design. It has to tell a story with shape, color, line, texture and placement of elements. I think that the actual texture of fiber art, adds an additional point of interest to my overall composition. There is no message here; but the viewer can interpret it in any way they like. My goal is to lay out my elements in such a way, that your eye takes a continual journey through a virtual amusement park of color. You can click on the image for a larger view. The Force was juried into the "Untamed" exhibit at Waverly House Galleries.