Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garden Trophy

Garden Trophy: Color Study Series. 9 X 12. This abstract is a continuation of studies done in design, using intense colors. The idea in abstract design is to break everything down to basic shapes. Sometimes you can use the non objective approach; where there is no identification of any objects. But this approach is to use the abstract design to create something that is representational: something that can be identified. Using representational elements is more pleasing to most people. The contrast of using a cool color pallet for the background, against the intense, warm colors of the vase and flowers; gives an illusion of depth. The vase appears to be floating in mid air. The overlapping of two of the flowers on the black border, gives an even greater projection of the vase of flowers. It seems to be standing away from even it's frame. Many years of being a painter is an advantage for knowing how to use design tricks. This fiber art is fused onto muslin, and then sewn to a cotton batting and backing.