Sunday, December 23, 2012

Abby's Fabric Book

This little girl is my great granddaughter, Abby. She is a special little girl, of course. I was teaching a class on making fabric books and decided she would make the perfect subject with that cute little smile. But, I needed to use some collage techniques to show the class, so I put a little humor into it. This is the front cover of the book; where I used photo fabric, beaded trim, hand made and commercial felt, beads, ruffled trim and lace. The little bird is sitting on her shoulder, telling her how cute she is.

Page two is the Abby in pink page. She was dressed like her dollie, and I do think that the doll looks like her. I used my handmade felt, metal beads, hand made ribbon flower, trim with beads and white lace.

Page three has more birds and Abby is in a little framed locket. Rubber duckies and beads. A jaunty hat, made from a button, adorns her head. There is that felt bird again, catching a worm made from copper wire and beads. A purchased lace flower pot holds flowers made with ribbon embroidery and yarns.

The back page has our Abby holding a large fabric flower. There are some playmates around her, and an embroidered flower; beads and lace, buttons, hand made felt heart and ribbon roses. There is no doubt to the fact that we all love Abby. You can click on images to enlarge them. THIS POST CAN BE SEEN ON "NINA MARIE'S OFF THE WALL FRIDAYS.