Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Spunky: Pet Portrait. 15 X 15. It seems that I have become the official Pet Portrait Artist of the family. This time it is my daughter's Schnauzer, Spunky. A couple of years ago, Spunky crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and is waiting for us on the other side. He was my daughter's all time favorite pet. He lived to a good old age, and was well loved. But this collage needs some explaining. When I asked her to tell me the things she remember most about him, She gave me 5 memories. First and foremost; he was a faithful and loving pet. He loved to sit on her lap and snuggle up with her. So I added the poem about Faithfulness. Next, she told me that he always took a stuffed animal to bed with him. So I added a stuffed lamb. Her favorite picture of him is one wearing a chef's hat. Her daughter made the hat in her high school sewing class. But then she added the story about how he had a special talent for finding the turkey carcass that was bagged for the trash. This happened more than once and they had to be on suicide watch for several days after he ate the whole carcass. He always came through. And last is how much he loved to eat bell peppers when scraps would come his way. This collage can be seen on Off The Wall Fridays For closeup, right click on image and open in new window.