Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Autumn Abstractions

Autumn Abstractions is about how to use nature as your color wheel. I will be using two examples of how to forget the color wheel and work from photos of your favorite scenes from nature. Nature is the ultimate color master. There is nothing in nature that will not fit into any color scheme. Working from nature will give you all the complimentary, tertiary, secondary and primary combinations that you could ever want in a composition. I am using an abstract composition first to show you how you can interpret the photo of an autumn scene into an abstract work of art. This is pieced, but can also be fused.
Here is another version of the same color abstractions from nature. This is a more traditional style of scrap quilt done in the style of the log cabin. This is pieced but could be fused, as well.
Now you see the photograph that I was working from. Nature is never wrong. These are class samples that I have put together for an upcoming class called "Intuitive Color and Design; Abstracting From Nature." It is a simple and effective way to work with your fabrics. So get busy and look through your photos. Right Click on Images and Open In New Window for a closer look. This post can be seen on Off The Wall Fridays