Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bohemian Christmas Tree

Bohemian Christmas Tree is done in my improvisational tapestry style. I made several of these little panels for Christmas presents for friends. It was all done from scraps of previous projects. I call it bohemian because of the combinations of random colors and fabrics. I think that this sort of combination has a charm of it's own. All fabric cuts were laid on a muslin panel and water soluble stabilizer placed on top. Quilting patterns of random meandering is done on top of the stabilizer with heavy quilting thread. The whole top is put into the washer and dryer before it is placed on the batting and backing. This gives it a very textural tapestry look. I love this process. It is painting with cloth.

Around the World Blog Hop

I am participating in an International Blog Hop which means that I must tag someone here Kathie Schmidt is a mixed media fiber artist and author. She does improvisational piecing workshops and hand beading classes. I think you will enjoy seeing what she does. 

The rules are to answer these 4 questions about my art. So here they are:
1. Q. What am I currently working on?
     A. Currently, I am doing a study of Modern Quilts so that I can teach a design class in March. This class with be taught to traditional quilters and we will studying modern art and principles of design. 

2. Q. How does my work differ from others of it's genre'?
    A. Because I am also a painter, I do a lot of my work similar to painting with fabric. I particularly enjoy using a muslin base as my canvas and with scissors, cutting snippets and hunks of fabrics from scraps in my stash. I hand dye many fabrics for more vibrant colors but also use commercial fabrics. I have also designed a line of quilt panels I call Bohemian art. Made from a large variety of colors and patterns. Everything is done improvisationally. Much like knife painters. 

3. Q. Why do I write/create what I do?
     A. I found this one a little difficult to answer. It is a pleasure to create, of course, but it is also a lot of work. The only thing I can compare it to is a compulsion. A compulsion to communicate through expression, color and design. It is just a natural talent that I can't ignore. 

4. Q. How does my writing/Creative process work?
    A. My process usually comes from inspiration. Inspiration leads to imaging and imaging to planning. I make rough sketches to formulate my ideas, but don't spend a lot of time perfecting those ideas. The exception would be when I am doing a portrait. This is the ultimate perfecting process. My priority is balance and contrast for most things. Color comes next. You can decide to use color or just rely on contrast. They are both interchangable. 

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