Wednesday, September 1, 2010

January Thaw

January Thaw: Landscape Series. This 24 X 28, Raw Edge Tapestry is the last addition to my explorations of the tapestry technique. After 6 months of applying myself to this process, I now feel that I know it's properties. I have finally conquered the challenges of how to manage the composition and applications to it's best advantage. My conclusion is that the secret to success is through abstract design. In other words, "Keep It Simplified." Forget the details, as they get lost in the texture. And maybe that is the real answer to all future questions on the subject of fiber art. Elements that work well on the smooth surface of a canvas, do not altogether work with fabric. There is a bigger picture here. This is, of course, what the moderns discovered so long ago. Breaking your elements down to the basics of art and design. My next explorations involve the study of color. More of it, and how it works. Should be interesting, don't you think?