Friday, October 1, 2010

Bridging Heaven and Earth

Bridging Heaven and Earth: Color Study Series. The actual subject of this work is the Dove. He has the usual placement as just off center. But he is being upstaged by other elements. Every artist knows that the intensity of saturated color gives weight to a composition. Red, Orange and Yellow will draw the eye to focus on them immediately. So my viewers eye will start at the large orb that represents the sun. It has the most saturation of color. The next place that the eye will fall, will be on the flowers. There is a relationship between the sun and the flowers because of the color, though it has less saturation. The rose red color of the horizontal strip carries the eye over to the next location. The vertical bars have a relationship to the strip in their varigated reds and the lines take your eye upward again. I have used color to frame my subject. Of course, there are other design elements at work here. But I thought this was a good study of how to use color as a design tool.