Monday, November 1, 2010

Color Play: Color Series

Color Play: Color Series. This is a departure from my usual approach. I decided to focus on the brightest and most saturated color I could find. Forget the color wheel; forget the rules: just choose my fabrics like a child would choose from a crayon box. I went to my stash of fabrics and found this wonderful, hand marbled fabric that had been given to me by a good friend. I had been afraid to use it in anything else because of it's brilliant color and pattern. It became my vase. I wanted everything to be basic shape and color, without thinking about shading or highlight. This approach is used by many abstract artists. The work looks flat, without shadow. I cut the flowers and leaves from the brightest fabrics and chose a bright green yarn for stems. I used a very neutral background, but gave it a lot of texture, to contrast with the simplistic shapes. This was a fun way to work and I don't know why I had avoided these bright fabrics before.