Saturday, January 1, 2011

Simply Fruit

Simply Fruit: Color Series; Abstract Design  9 X 14. Color balance is the subject of our discussion this time. Although this is one of my smaller works, it is one that I spent the most preparation for. I am not an abstract artist by nature, but felt that I needed the experience of using my knowledge of abstract art to interpret my ideas. My process was to make a drawing of my composition. The rules in abstract design are the same as in representational design. I always start with a rough sketch, but this time, I became very detailed in blocking out my basic shapes. Once I had a layout, I cut the elements out and traced them onto colored paper. I used paper to audition the color balance and actually came up with a paper wall hanging.  My balance is vertical, and I needed to make each choice on the left to balance with the right side. I simplified my shapes enough to represent the idea of fruit elements and a bowl. It could also represent the idea that it was sitting near a window. After my composition and design were established, I made it out of fabric and quilted it. I do realize that I need more experience with abstract design.