Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Grounded: Color Series. 22 X 24 Mixed Media Collage. This work came out of an experiment with color products. Water media is combined with hand dyed fabrics and dimensional elements made from fabric cuttings. Commercial fabrics are always part of the mix, but they are not always the best choice for the overall presentation. Making my own fabric has become a bigger part of my compositions. In this case, I had planned to experiment on a piece of white muslin; and then discard the piece. However, the results were surprising. I felt that it was good enough to make into a finished work. The background was first painted, using watercolor dyes. I found the colors to be quite bright, but pleasant. The skeleton of the tree was drawn with colored pencil. The foliage is done with colored pencil, Inktense pencils, pastel chalk mixed with textile medium, and highlighted with acrylic paint. Pen and ink were used to redraw details; and then the whole tree is threadpainted using freemotion embroidery. Fabric collage, made on black netting  and water soluble stabilizer, has been attached to the foreground. I plan to do more experimentation with Mixed Media in the future.