Friday, April 1, 2011

Swan Lake

Swan Lake: This 19 X 25, free form cut collage, came out of an experiment using snow dyed fabric. Fabric dye is mixed into snow and placed on top of scrunched fabric. It is left overnight to slowly melt down. The result is a marbled variation from dark to light. Fusible web is applied to the back of the fabric before cutting. An outline of the swan is made from a drawing, as I study a photo. (See "Projects of Interest") I transfer the drawing onto muslin. Using scissors, I cut feathered pieces from the marbled fabric and arrange them onto the muslin. When the arrangement looks right, I iron the pieces down. I treat the background in the same manner. The swan and it's background, was wrapped around a piece of foam board and glued to a pieced, rectangular, mini quilt. This makes a more dimensional relief. As with all my experiments, some turn into finished pieces and some are put away for future reference.