Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ice Age

Ice Age: Cloth, Paper and Stitch. 10 X 14. Did you ever wonder where inspiration comes from? This is often a question that is asked on forms you fill out when entering shows. They want to know what inspired you to create this piece. I always make up something to say, but maybe the bigger question is what inspires creative people? This was inspired by watching a documentary on the Ice Age. But the more interesting thing is, what was going on in my mind while I watched it. The ability to translate abstract thoughts into a visual or written presentation, is what makes you an artist. Like the Ice Age, sometimes your creativity seems to be a frozen wasteland. The ideas are under tons of unmovable weight. Then, a ray of light can cause mountains and valleys to open up. Landscapes begin to appear, and form and color take place. For the first time, I have introduced paper into my process, making this more mixed media than any of my other experiments. Materials used were: Hand dyed and commercial fabrics; brown paper, hand dyed papers and glue; all stitched and glued onto a Decor Bond foundation. It is wrapped around foam board and glued onto a quilted backing. I mounted this piece and put it into a shadow box. Click on image for closer view. First place winner in the Ozark Piecemaker's Quilt Show.