Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Legends of the Ozarks

Legends of the Ozarks: 16 X 20 Colored Pencil and Inktense Pencil. I have always thought that the Ozarks of Missouri have their own special beauty. In the spring, the white Dogwoods bloom early and fill our woodlands with the promise of renewal. Most people in this area fill their yards with both the natural white and the pink versions of these spectacular trees. Working from photographs, I drew these blossoms and colored them carefully with artist grade, colored pencil. Darker areas and accents of color, were made using the Inktense Pencil. These were fused onto black Peltex, and thread painted to give them a realism that even surprised me. Branches were made using commercial and hand dyed fabrics; accented with pen and ink. I used a mottled, hand dyed fabric for the muted background. The background was quilted and  has been wrapped around foam board. This gives the picture an added dimension of depth. (although it is hard to see in a photograph.) Since I had enhanced the centers of the flowers with embroidery thread knots, I repeated the bright green color in the mat fabric. SOLD. Won second place at the Ozark Empire Fair, Fine Arts Mixed Media Catagory.