Saturday, October 1, 2011


Variations; The 22 X 28 design is done in a style that I call Abstracting From Nature. From a photo of a sunflower, I made a drawing onto grid paper. I did it in an abstrat style. That is, not what you actually see, but images that are created in your thoughts about the subject. I did a color study on paper to establish my lights, mediums and darks. A ruler is used to fragment the shapes into squared sections known as Facet Design. I have also continued my study of the "Illusion of Space," by placement and overlapping. I have created texture with the variations of line and pattern. The birds were added for balance. The style could be considered "Surrealism," as it is something that you might see in a dream. I used commercial fabrics and Batiks. It is mostly fused, but partly pieced work. This piece will be entered into a challenge exhibit called "Skyline." The show takes place every other year and is put on by the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild. This piece was accepted into the Missouri State College Senior's Art Exhibit. Won 2nd place in the Skyline Challenge