Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Textile Book: Christmas Joy Collage

First Page 

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Textile Book: Christmas Joy Collage. As the economy continues to slow down, and sales of art are few and far between; my focus has been on smaller projects. This textile book will make a fine gift for someone special and gives me time to work on larger projects for Spring shows. The background fabric was selected from my stash of silks. I also was able to choose from my stash of donated and recycled jewelry and trims. Nothing had to be purchased to create this book, with the exception of the photo fabric sheet for my printer. A recycled Christmas card was scanned for the front picture. I chose this card for the subject and color. The photo fabric sheet is sewn onto the quilted silk page; trims and beads are added to each page before the book is assembled. One of the more interesting elements that I was able to recycle, was a vintage hair pin. The hairpin had been embellished with rhinestones at one time.