Thursday, December 1, 2011

Textile Book: Peace On Earth

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Textile Book: Peace On Earth 8 X 9. During this time of year, artists are usually pushed to the limit making art as gifts and donating our work for fund raisers. The textile books have turned out to be a perfect answer to the season. They are made like small quilts, or journal quilts; but can be used on a coffee table or desk. It also allows me to dip into my large supply of small pieces of fabrics and collage elements. Everything was made from something  in my stash, and nothing had to be purchased. Many collage elements are recycled. Broken jewelry, discount beads and recycled laces make perfect collages. I have many friends who are happy to donate things for my projects. They donate these things; knowing that they will be put to good use. Peace On Earth is also made from scanned cards, printed on photo fabric. Hope that everyone has a great holiday and a productive New Year.