Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Felting and Fiber Art Studio

This is my Christmas Angel. Her name is Ruth. She is named after the felt artist who made her, Ruth Lane. Ruth is also the author of "The Complete Photo Guide to Felting." Angel Ruth is hand made felt with stitched embellishments and a little halo on her head. She has long curling locks down her back.  I just love this and will get her a proper display box for my dresser. Felting and Fiber Art Studio had a holiday ornament exchange and here are 3 gifts from Ruth.

Ruth also made this little tree. It is made of felt scraps that have been put in water soluble stabilizer and then thread painted. When the stabilizer is washed away, the tree is held together with the thread. I plan to make a small wall hanging out of this.

And last is a card made from silk fabric that has been embellished with stitching. Thank you Ruth, I really am glad that I decided to join in this exchange. These will make a wonderful addition to my Christmas collection.