Sunday, January 13, 2013


Dewey: A fine cockatiel. This is my granddaughter's cockatiel. He announces his name over and over again to make sure that you notice him when you enter his space. He also announces that he is a "pretty bird, just in case you did not notice that fact. He also can entertain you with a long repertoire of songs like "Take Me Out To The Ballgame," and "The Colonial Bogey March" (oh yes, from beginning to end) and even "Dixie." If you are there all day, you may hear these songs intertwined with each other and even his own made up renditions. Dewey has a large array of toys. Far too many to represent on one wall hanging. These toys often hang from the top of his cage and he entertains himself by swinging them around roughly and even chewing up the string. Down the right side is a series of mirrors, although you can't tell in this picture. Dewey admires himself for hours. This is his favorite passtime. His other passtime is seeing his shadow on the wall. (we call it shadowbird) This causes him to insist on spreading his wings and dancing on his perch. This may not be great art, but he is a great bird.
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