Friday, February 1, 2013

Wiggle Waggle

Wiggle Waggle: Mixed Media. This is just another experiment to add to my collection of mixed media wanderings. It is a non objective abstract composition, made up of scraps of needle felted wool, beads, buttons and hand dyed papers. The papers were done in the low water immersion style using Rit dyes. Once the papers are dyed, I coated them with a PVA or wood glue. This gives the paper the strength needed to hold up under manipulation and it has the feel of fabric. The wool roving and the needle felted wool scraps are leftovers from other projects. I used a few antique buttons for a little sparkle and some beads. A few metal washers are attached with embroider threads. I used a small strip of fabric from South America that my grandson brought me for color. I stamped a crow onto fun foam, and placed him on top to overlook the whole project. This is mounted onto a wood panel that was painted black. I used a product called Bindex to attach the collage to the wood panel. I found the words "Wiggle Waggle" printed on the selvage edge of some fabric, and it seemed appropriate for such an odd combination of elements. This, and other works can be seen on Off The Wall Fridays and if you need a closeup view; Right Click on Image and Open In New Window.