Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Autumn Echoes

Autumn Echoes: 15 X 30 improvisational piecing. This is another one of my experiments with new techniques. I am primarily a fuser of fabrics not a piecer. But, I read a book by fiber artist Jean Wells called "Journey to Inspired Art Quilting," and was intrigued by her process. Since I am doing some "in depth"color studies in preparation for a class I will be teaching, I decided to combine the two. I will put this into a competition at our local guild for fall. Although there is pre-planning for this project, it also involves some improvisation in how to put together my composition. I chose fabrics according to my selected Tetrad color scheme. I knew that orange would be a focal color, so built my support colors. Then I used straight lines for my background design and kept rearranging until I was happy with it. I used a tree skeleton that I had made in a class called "Stitching on Air." You cut a hole in the middle of some muslin and then stitch from one side to another on nothing. you attach it on opposite sides of the cutout. When you cut it loose, you have a tree skeleton. The leaves were made by sandwiching copper color lame' fabric between netting and watersoluble stabilizer and then washing away the stabilizer. I painted this with PVA glue to stabilize the fragile material and cut it into small squares. This made it easy to handle and I could arrange them onto the skeleton. The bird is painted on. I am very happy with the results and will do more studies with this. Right Click On Image For Closeup.  Open in new window. This can be seen on Off The Wall Fridays  SOLD.