Friday, August 30, 2013

Lotus Position

Lotus Position: 14 X 18 is a class sample that I made for the Photo Interpretation class that I taught to our Art Quilt Guild. This was a two part lesson on how to take photos and interpret them to fiber art. An interpretation is not a copy. Colors, shapes and shading were changed as we did our own versions of the photos. I brought fused fabric pieces for the students to use, that were unfamiliar to them. Not the kinds of choices they would ordinarily have in their stash. I had them make outlines of darks, mediums and lights, as well as; warm and cool colors. This is a process that many applique quilts use. But it was up to them to interpret their individual pattern and then mark the designations. There was a lot of doubt that it would work as they began to fuse down strange combinations of fabrics in their design. However, as the flower took shape, they were able to better understand what they were creating. These flowers were then, thread painted to bring out or blend in the different shades. It has a very abstract look. You might either love it or hate it. But most loved it. I pieced a very colorful background for this and did free standing lotus leaves to balance it out. To see a closer view, right click on image and open in a new window. This can also be seen on Off the Wall Fridays   If you would like to comment by email, and avoid Google Plus, SOLD