Saturday, October 25, 2014

Modern Sunset

Modern Sunset: 22 X 36 Wall Hanging. In recent years there has been an unexpected interest in making what is known as Modern Quilts. It was taken up by mostly younger quilters who do not have the time to spend with the perfectionism of tedious piecing. They are, instead, making quilts with simplified piecing and a more modern appearance.

As I studied these quilts, I realized that I had seen this movement somewhere else. In the world of art. Moving from very ornate and complicated frames and paintings, to what was known as the Moderns. The Abstract artists, the Impressionists and even the DA Da movement. Painters all experimented with the move from classic painting to a more loose and simplified composition. This movement also carried over into archetectural design and modern home furnishings. 

And so, with this in mind; I am doing some of my own experimenting with Modern Wall Hangings. I have adopted a more simplified method of quilting and concentrate on negative space and diagonal balance. Negative space just means that it is void of designs or embellishments. A good Modern Quilt Design should have at least 40% negative space according to quilt artist and teacher Kathie Schmidt. I think this is a good rule to follow. This can be seen on Off The Wall Fridays

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