Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Snowman

The Snowman is another holiday Bohemian Tapestry. Most of the background fabrics are recycled from my collection of hand dyed, hand painted monoprints. Fabric paints are placed on a large piece of glass or on a rectangle made of Knox geletin.  The white fabric is placed on top and then carefully lifted. Although this can be repeated with the same paint the print will never be quite the same. Thus the name of "Monoprint." I have a pretty good collection of these to choose from with random colors and patterns. This is sort of like being in kindergarten and playing with finger paints. Once dry, these pieces of fabric are heat set with an iron and will not wash out. I like to use some of the Lumiere paints for variety. This can be purchased through the Polish Pottery Shoppe. This can be seen on Off The Wall Fridays   SOLD