Monday, November 30, 2015

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas: 16 X 20 Bohemian Tapestry. I managed to squeeze in one more project before the end of the year, as my Polish Santa sold so quickly. This is loosely based on an ad that I saw online. I liked the idea of Santa by moonlight and decided that maybe he is taking a selfie as he is getting ready for his long trip on Christmas Eve. The reindeer would be waiting for him in the moolit snow and maybe one last Cardinal would be resting in sight. Foxes are always one of my favorite woodland creatures and maybe Santa has made friends with them in his journeys. That moon is full and just rising above a hill top, giving a shimmer to the earth below. This can be purchased through The Polish Pottery Shoppe This can be seen onOff The Wall Fridays SOLD.