Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wearable Art I: Oriental

Front View

Back View

Wearable Art Vest, is a raw edge collage made from commercial fabrics. The technique of cutting out elements from printed fabrics and creating a design across the vest, was taught in a class I took from Rosemary Eichorn. It is a complicated process of cutting, quilting, placing in washer and dryer; to create a sort of tapestry look. After the washing and shrinking process, a second pattern is used to cut out the final vest. Rosemary Eichorn's book about Fabric Collage has detailed instruction on how to make endless variations of this wearable art. The hardest part of this process is coming up with a workable design. Her pattern allows you to work on the muslin base that is open at the shoulders and lays flat on your work table. The lining , muslin foundation and collage elements make it a 3 layer sandwich; that is quilted with free motion embroidery. All of the personal adjustments and fitting are done on the pattern that is used for the final cutting. I plan to make more variations of this vest and work with embellishments. 


  1. Hi Judy
    My what a very impressive result you have created with your piecing and quilting. Love the technique - it has endless possibilities and love the way you have composed your pieces. Looking forward to seeing more of these!
    Have a most creative and fulfilling New year Judy full of more joy and happiness than this past one.
    Unfortunately Blogger has taken away our closeup feature to really appreciate more your gorgeous art here.
    Sending you a big hug,

  2. Hi Judy
    I'm really enjoying seeing all your work, from painting to textiles, your mixed media pieces are so beautiful and i cant stay away. You are an Inspiration xo

  3. This looks wonderful. I have the book too but have not tried the technique - you've done it so well.

  4. Happy New Year Judy:-)
    Your waistcoat is fabulous. Such intricate piecing and so much thought. Inspirational!
    Best wishes,
    Jane C


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