Artfelt Wishes

Oh Christmas Tree

The Memory of Trees   4 inch circle

The Lambikin (Folkloric Tale from India)

Secret Place: Needlefelted wool, polymer clay, embroidery, recycled jewelry. Mounted onto mini quilt background.

Mini Journal

Mini Journal Front Cover    5 X 7  Collage

Lace Pocket for Mini Paper Dolls

Back Cover of Journal Has Button Opening

Back Cover Panel

Felt Collage 
Focus in Blue

Artist Trading Card
Artist Trading Card

Artfelt Wishes are individual artworks designed to use as inserts for greeting cards and letters. They are made of felt, with embellishments of silk, embroidery and beads.

Welcome to my review of the Singer ER 10 Embellisher. I purchased it through for under 100.00, including tax and shipping. It arrived in just 3 days. Cost was $97.94 in U.S. $119.00 in Canada.

It seems to be a basic machine, and has a free arm feature, an adjustable pressure foot that acts as a protection from the five needle punch. The pressure foot adjusts to high, med and low height by using the screw driver to loosen a screw that holds the foot on. It also comes with an extra set of 5 needles and an allen wrench for removing needles. You do have the capability to replace the needles one at a time.

Here is a picture of the manuel, showing the process for removing needles from the needle clamp. It does not have a variable speed control, but it is easily managed by pressing on the foot control. There is a small drawer in the front for catching lint and an accessories drawer. It also comes with a clear plastic cover that slips over the machine and a beginner's practice kit of wool roving and felt base cloth. In addition, I was surprised to get a Clover hand tool with the companion brush.

This is my practice piece. I tried using 2 layers of the roving, placing them in 2 different directions. Then I began experimenting with silk ribbon, wool yarn, scrap polyester, sheer poly with tiny sparkle, and finally a couple of loose woven metalics. I was very happy with the ease that most of these fabrics went on. There is a learning curve, of course. Some things lay on top and others mesh with the wool. I moved with medium speed at medium height. If I had added another layer, I might have needed a notch up on the height. I did not break any needles, but did not push the fabric through at a quick pace. I am very satisfied with this little machine. I do not do large projects, so it seems to be all that I need.