Saturday, May 30, 2015

Modern Sunrise

Modern Sunrise. Modern Quilt Design. In thinking about how to use some of the class samples from the Modern Design class, I thought about combining these designs with some of my other pursuits, such as my thread painted images. I use photos of animals to come up with a facet rendition of color elements. Once I have used my artist inner eye to deconstruct the image into color sections, I draw up a pattern and cut out the shapes. I use scraps of fabrics from previous projects to use as if they were paint. This is not really a process that can be taught. It comes from years of developing the eye of a painter. Breaking down objects into sections of color, tint and shade for contrast. My rooster now has a more modern purpose. He has become a design element for the modern quilt. I like the look of this and can even see it as something I could use for advertisements or posters. This can be purchased through  The Polish Pottery Shoppe. You can see this on Off The Wall Fridays

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