Multicolor Basket 24 X 30  Purchase at Polish Pottery Shoppe. 

Out on a Limb  24 X 30  Sold

January Thaw   36 
x 36 400.00  Purchase at Polish Pottery Shoppe

Ice Age (20 X 20) 300.00 Fist Place Winner at Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Show in Art Quilt category. Winner of Juror's Choice Award in the Waverly House Gallery exhibit, "At the Movies." Purchase at Polish Pottery Shoppe.

Grounded 24 X 30  In Private Collection

Balance (In Private Collection)

Color Play 11 X 14   100.00 Framed (In Private Collection)

Shirtwaste: Entry into Recycled Threads (Not For Sale)

Genesis Dawn 24 X 30  300.00  Purchase at Polish Pottery Shoppe

Heart's Desire  11 X 14 Collage  100.00 (In Private Collection)

Legends of the Ozarks (In Private Collection)

Line As Movement  300.00  Framed

Oriental Garden 24 X 30 Winner of Best of Show in "Be Vibrant" exhibit at Waverly House Gallery. (In Private Collection)

Ozark Living: Mini Quilt (In Private Collection)

The Force 11 X 14 Framed  In Private Collection

Twitter Update (In Private Collection)

Variations 40 X 40   400.00

Elephant Walk (Not for Sale)
Grassfrog: Pond Life Series (In Private Collection)
Dragonfly and Flower: Pond Life Series
(In Private Collection)
Zebras In The Sun (In Private Collection)
Window of Opportunity (In Private Collection)
Sungods (In Private Collection)
Balinese Dancer won 2nd place in Ozark Piecemakers Quilt show (In Private Collection)
Parrish Revisited (Not for Sale)
Goldfish: Pond Life Series 11 X 14   125.00 Sold                         

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  1. Window of opportunity! How unique Judy. I'd sure like to see how you do this.

    Happy Mother's Day.

    Sandy from the Lost Butterflies.


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