Sunday, February 22, 2015


Trio: Modern Quilt. This panel is yet another class sample for my Modern Quilt design class. I will be teaching this in 2 weeks so I am now collecting all my materials and class samples. The modern movement in art as well as the world of quilts has produced a more simplified composition for us to analyze. It is more about balance than intricate elements. As I said before, we are going on the premise that the use of at least 40% of negative space and the use of high saturation color will give a piece of art a more modern appearance. Although Modern Quilts as well as Modern Art can take many forms. Traditional patterns used in a Modern way can make a striking contrast in a show full of traditional art or quilts. In Trio, I have used a lot of vertical and horizontal balance to work against each other. I have also used the combination of the curved line against the straight line to create the best interest. Assemetrical balance is also a great way to create an artistic approach to your design. These are fun and simple to make. The circles have been fused, but the rest is pieced. This can be seen on Off The Walls Friday

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