Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shadows and Light

Shadows And Light: Raw Edge Tapestry 28 X 30. This is another in my series of Still Life Tapestries. The process is one that replicates the look of an Impressionistic Painting in a fabric art quilt. The idea is to free form cut pieces or snippets of fabric that are used just like a painter uses paints. My muslin foundation takes the place of a canvas. These tapestries must be viewed from a distance. The brain will take the shapes and colors and interpret them as an image of old roses that are in their last stages. When the petals are about to fall, but still holding on. Light dances around the surface of the vase and off of the flowers and leaves. Shadows fall on the stems,the leaves and on the table . It is difficult to explain my process, so I have put together a tutorial on how I made this here Or just click on the Tapestry Tutorial tab. This can be purchased at The Polish Pottery Shoppe SOLD.

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