Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tapestry Floral Vest: Wearable Art

Floral Tapestry Vest: Wearable Art. This is another version of the art vest that is made using commercial fabric motifs. The basic pattern is cut out, on black fabric.  The flowers were fussy cut from several commercial fabrics and pinned onto the black cotton background. A printed backing fabric is underneath. Once the cut motifs are arranged and pinned, they are appliqued by machine. This would be the front view.

This is a back view of the completed vest. It is cut from one piece of black fabric and one piece of backing printed fabric. There are only 2 pieces to this.

Once the floral motifs are appliqued to the front, A time consuming process of free motion quilting with cotton, veriegated thread is accomplished. As you may be able to tell, I also incorporated some fancy, colorful yarns. The next step in the tapestry technique, is to put the unfinished vest into the washer and dryer. The original pattern is larger than the final pattern to allow for shrinkage. This adds greatly to the texture of the cloth. A final cut and a joining at the shoulders is done. This leaves the task of putting a binding all around the raw edges of the outside of the vest, as well as the armholes.

The printed backing fabric now makes this vest reversible. This is a very easy vest to wear closed or open. This is from the book "The Art of Fabric Collage" by Rosemary Eichorn. You can find her pattern at


  1. What an amazing vest Judy. Have you worn it out yet?
    best wishes, Jane

  2. Judy, this is a STUNNING work of art!! Fabulous.I adore those wonderful ricjh colours. After bucket loads of Vintage it's great to see a celebration of vibrant, glorious COLOUR!!

  3. Oh my Judy,
    This is an amazing vest - the process is incredible! Thank you for sharing ...
    And thank you so much for stopping by and comments in Mystics Dance - I am very pleased with the piece and that it was juried in! That is always such a hit and miss process.

    Very best wishes,

  4. I love both the pattern and what you have done with it. Is that your own personal pattern OR is it available commercially? I like the off center look + + + both sides do not have to be exact. That is easier for me to do than exact.

  5. Judy I think this would have to be some of your best fibre art that I have seen by you. I have had this book now for quite a while but not made any of the projects.
    So I know the work of Rosemary well!
    You have done such a fantastic job! The colourful quilting cotton really adds to the effect and you have composed the roses so very well.
    Have a lovely week and enjoy all the green around you now!
    x Suzy

  6. Gorgeous vest Judy! Very wearable too.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  7. Such beautiful work,all the colours make it a joy to see.


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