Sunday, March 6, 2016

Polish Peasant

Polish Peasant: 12  X 15. Growing up in an Eastern European immigrant neighborhood on the east side of St. Louis, gave me an interesting perspective into how important tradition and ties to your ancestry are to those who left their home and came to a new land. My grandparents became part of a melting pot of immigrants from the Balkan countries. They knew many languages and recipes that were part of the everyday life of this community. I have memories of going to the meeting places where traditional music, foods and dancing took place. I have watched the ladies dancing with their colorful skirts and hand embroidered blouses and vests. The music was always lively and their were many hoops and hollers as they went through the different dances. I have tried to portray a little of this feeling in my fiber art wall hanging. Notice the floral wreath upon her head. She is dressed in festival attire and I can almost hear the polka playing while she prepares to find a partner. This can be purchased at The Polish Pottery Shoppe SOLD

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