Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Force

The Force: Abstract Design: Color Study. I have not done a lot of abstract, non objective work with my fiber art. However, it is a subject that has always been interesting to me. It is not popular with most people, but continues to be popular with artists. When I first saw the work of Melody Johnson, I was drawn in by her incredible use of high intensity color. Using these colors as an accent is widely used by artists to provide a focal point; but using this level of color as your total pallet is not common. Non objective (no object identified) is all about  design. It has to tell a story with shape, color, line, texture and placement of elements. I think that the actual texture of fiber art, adds an additional point of interest to my overall composition. There is no message here; but the viewer can interpret it in any way they like. My goal is to lay out my elements in such a way, that your eye takes a continual journey through a virtual amusement park of color. You can click on the image for a larger view. The Force was juried into the "Untamed" exhibit at Waverly House Galleries. 


  1. I like this one Judy. This is what I could happily hang on my walls (hubby wouldn't like it!) and the eye can travel in all sorts of ways and dimensions.

  2. Oh Judy this is such a departure from your usual artwork. I have to confess that I find it difficult to comment on! I can see balance and proportion and opposites in colour and shape and would certainly appeal to anyone who loves abstract art!
    You have met the challenge indeed!
    An excellent art piece Judy!
    Thank you for your continued support of my artwork too.
    Keep creating!

  3. I feel a bit the same as Suzy, Judy. It is so different from where I'm at at the moment, that I am not able to appreciate many of the aspects you have worked upon.
    it has a playful Paul Klee feel about it.
    Thankyou for your support of my blog too Judy.

  4. Aaahhh...right up my alley! My eyes do roam throughout the piece and there is something new to see at each resting point. Color, color and more color...I love it!

  5. Oh i love it to Judy, i love the colors you chose to and i'm not into abstract as such but your work is just so beautiful, you seem to know just what to do xo

  6. Very lighthearted, a cartoon with influences of Kandinsky, Matisse. When I look at it, I see a guy on the left who has lost his head (which seems to have morphed into the moon from :Bridging Heaven and Earth".) How about a series where that moon shows up in all sorts of styles?
    I love playing with abstraction but have no way whatsoever to know if the piece is any good! So I don't pursue it. But you should! We'll learn from you!

  7. Judy, I found you because you repinned a couple of my pins. Looking at your boards, I love your eclectic taste! Then I had to take a peek at your blog, of course, and my goodness, your art is absolutely beautiful! I so wish I were you!! I live in Northern California and could travel easily to Springfield just to see your work. Such beautiful talent you have.....and in so many areas. Truly gifted! Teresa

  8. Hello Judy,
    You are really studying your arts through textiles. This reminds me so much of Miro's work in his Gallery in Barcelona. I could picture yours with that vivid orange 8ft wide. Its a real wow and technically clever.
    Thank you for supporting me at Quilters Cottage Norfolk.
    Best wishes,

  9. Love this Judy! I'm much more drawn to abstract pieces and I love colour.
    Your design & colour use is great.
    Thanks for your comment on my journal quilts.

  10. Judy this is wonderful ! definitely takes the eye around the piece with some interesting shapes and i love how you used a polychromatic colour scheme ( hope i am correct with this colour analysis). Still learning about design colour shape etc on my QU online course.

    Thanks for always taking the time to visit my blog xx

  11. You know I would love the colors! And there's something so off beat in those eyelashes that really appeals to me. Intriguing and interesting - good stuff!


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